In remembrance of Paul Reubens, who passed away this week, Nick looks back at the connections that Reubens had with “Saturday Night Live,” including the story of how he was passed over to be a cast member, to the hilarious Digital Short he made with Andy Samberg in 2011 called “Andy and Pee Wee’s Night Out,” to the one and only time Reubens hosted the show as Pee Wee Herman. The episode, from that strange 1985-86 season when Lorne Michaels returned after a hiatus, was a strange mixture of 80’s pop culture and news satire, and tired attempt to fit Pee Wee into the SNL mix. Some sketches were funny (because of Pee Wee), some were not, and some were just disastrous. You’ll hear some memorable moments from the show (Pee Wee’s monologue being the best thing in the episode), behind-the-scenes stories, and some fun trivia (is that a future cast member from Kids In The Hall featured in one sketch??). Paul Reubens is gone, but so much of his work remains, and this Season 11 show is certainly a curiosity worth a look. [EP32]