Nick looks back at the only time that controversial comedian Andrew Dice Clay hosted “Saturday Night Live,” and it was, well….something. From a full week of non-stop news, crazy attention, and angry press, to the protest and boycott of Musical Guest Sinead O’Connor, to the VERY questionable boycott from cast member Nora Dunn, who, because of her objections to Clay’s act, refused to participate in the show (which had never happened before), it’s all covered here. The whole week culminated in a rather lackluster show, in which Dice was kept on a leash, the writers loaded the show with ‘meta’ jokes before there were ‘meta’ jokes, and, except for some protestors in the crowd who had to be kicked out for disrupting Clay’s monologue, not much really happened. The episode is notable for including the big debuts of two cast members who would go on to be legends, a new Weekend Update feature that become a staple, and A LOT work from announcer Don Pardo. The episode also created a huge rift between Dunn and the other cast members (especially Jan Hooks and Victoria Jackson) that hasn’t ever really been filled. A crazy week of live TV that all SNL fans will remember….probably more than Dice’s act. [EP30]