At times, working as a cast member on “Saturday Night Live” can be far from entertaining, in truth, it can be profoundly distressing. On this installment of THAT SHOW, Nick explores the difficult seasons 10 disgruntled SNL cast members endured. From internal squabbles and office politics, to the stress of live broadcasting and high expectations, to the appalling scripts they were given, these artists certainly had no fond memories of their stint on this iconic comedy show. Get ready to revisit sketches that underscored their frustration, listen to anecdotes about their trials, and decipher direct excerpts from the actors themselves – Will you be able to identify the cast member who described their SNL journey as: “It was atrocious, the most challenging task I’ve ever undertaken…including divorce”? With unheard tales, overlooked sketches, and much more… Welcome to the realm of shared unhappiness. [EP27]