Nick plunges into a comprehensive examination of Rodney Dangerfield’s solitary stint as the host of “Saturday Night Live.” This episode, which aired on March 8, 1980, predates the release of “Caddyshack” and marks the last season with the original cast, writers, and Lorne Michaels at the helm. The show presents an odd, uneven, and at times, startling mix of content, packed with audacious material deemed unacceptable by today’s standards, and sketches that stretch tediously (one even nearing the 14-minute mark!). However, it does capture Rodney’s remarkable talent as a stand-up comedian (his monologue is outstanding), and less impressive sketch performance (thankfully, he had cue cards to help him out). The episode also features a silent cameo by an actor who later gained fame in the 90s, an excess of Father Guido Sarducci, jokes about a 58-year-old man’s inappropriate relationship with a 10-year-old girl, a special appearance by two TV stars from the 50s, numerous allusions to the movie “10,” and a shocking parody of a gold coin collectable TV commercial that would leave today’s viewers stunned. This SNL episode certainly serves as a time capsule, dissected in its entirety here… and true to form, Rodney still can’t catch a break. [EP27]