Sometimes the most anticipated returns to “Saturday Night Live” just aren’t good….in fact, they can be very bad. In this episode, Nick looks back at five SNL returns that range from disappointing to downright disastrous: Chevy Chase’s first-time hosting was an egomaniacal nightmare that caused many issues, including a fistfight two minutes before air. Bill Murray’s return to host during season 6 was a stumbling, uncomfortable mess. Lindsay Lohan’s fourth time hosting in 2012 is widely considered to be one of the worst episodes in history. Chris Farley’s 1997 return as host is, by far, the saddest and most painful episode of SNL ever. Even Lorne Michaels’ return for season 11 was a trainwreck, and that just wasn’t one episode…it was an entire season. You’ll hear the behind-the-scenes stories for these returns, interview portions, and hear audio from these notorious episodes as Nick analyzes the fact that sometimes it’s just better to not come back. [EP26]