When you are writing, producing, and performing a weekly satirical sketch-comedy show, you run the risk of offending people, especially the celebrities who are the targets of that satire. In this episode, Nick gives examples of sketches, impressions, and parodies that did not sit well with their celebrity targets, and, in some cases, the public in general. Targets like Barbara Walters, Jennifer Lawrence, Kathy Lee Gifford, Anderson Cooper, and more, did not keep their displeasure of the comedy to themselves. They made statements about just how bad they thought the impressions/sketches/satirical jabs were. In the case of one featured example in particular, the target (Congressman Dan Crenshaw) appeared on SNL to voice a rebuttal. You will hear the sketches and impressions, and learn about the backlash and reactions. You can judge for yourselves: Is it funny, or is it insulting? Are the celebrities right to be angry, or should they just lighten up and laugh?
Sometimes comedy isn’t pretty, and sometimes it makes people mad. [EP23]