In this “That Show…”, Nick talks with Michael Longfellow, a current member of the “Saturday Night Live” cast. Michael opens up about his childhood and stand-up career, including his reality TV show appearance and his path to landing the SNL gig. He shares entertaining tales from his debut season on the show, including collaborations with legends like Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Molly Shannon. He highlights memorable moments at the Weekend Update Desk, talks about playing numerous characters requiring outrageous make-up and costumes, and discusses his journey of finding his unique sketch comedy voice. He gives us a sneak peek into the chaotic week preceding the live show, shares his experiences of living in NYC for the first time, and reveals the true on-stage exchanges during the “Goodnights”. This light-hearted, insightful interview provides a behind-the-scenes glance into the stand-up and sketch comedy world while shining a spotlight on one of SNL’s rising stars. [EP22]