On October 3rd, 1992, Tim Robbins hosted “Saturday Night Live” with Sinead O’Connor as the musical guest. Despite Robbins being considered more controversial and political than O’Connor, it was Sinead who shocked the world by singing a protest song and tearing up a picture of the Pope. This moment became one of the most unexpected and remarkable events in SNL history, altering O’Connor’s career trajectory, perceptions of live television, and the Catholic Church.

In this episode, Nick explores the entire story, from the idea’s inception to the moment’s execution and its significant aftermath. He discusses the absurd reactions on SNL from Joe Pesci the following week and Madonna a few months later. You will learn about the behind-the-scenes events as they unfolded and how everyone in the studio and worldwide coped with this unforgettable incident.

The controversy culminated at the Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert at Madison Square Garden, where the audience relentlessly booed O’Connor and Kris Kristofferson helped her off stage. This event marked just the beginning of the difficulties O’Connor would face for years due to her SNL stunt. [EP17]