Nick delves into the exclusive “Five Timer’s Club,” which consists of celebrities who have hosted SNL five times or more. Join him as he reveals the names and talks about members such as Alec Baldwin, who boasts a record-breaking 17 hosting gigs, Steve Martin, John Goodman, Drew Barrymore, Candice Bergen, Jonah Hill, Melissa McCarthy, and others. Nick shares snippets of the sketches that marked each host’s induction into the club, along with some peculiar moments during the five-time celebrations, like Paul Rudd’s induction amidst an empty studio during a Covid spike and Danny DeVito’s unconventional gift of Mr. Peepers instead of a smoking jacket. Additionally, he explores who might be on the brink of entering the club with four hosting stints. This episode offers a fun and nostalgic look at a tradition that started in 1990 with Tom Hanks’ fifth hosting appearance and has since become an integral part of the show. [EP16]