Nick explores and looks back at some of the memorable “Lonely Island SNL Digital Shorts” that dominated the show in the mid-2000s. Incredibly funny videos that include: “Dick in a Box,” “Laser Cats,” Natalie’s Rap,” “Threw It On The Ground,” and the one that pretty much started it all “Lazy Sunday,” in which Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell throw down a hardcore rap about going to see “The Chronicles of Narnia.” Nick’s guest for this episode is Tom Hush, Executive Producer of The Steve Cochran Show on WLS-AM 890 Chicago, who is a generation younger than Nick and provides a fascinating and revealing look at how these Digital Shorts made an huge impact on his teenage life, and, how the Lonely Island guys almost singlehandedly changed the way people watched SNL and impacted the culture in a massive way, plus the stuff is just really, really funny. [EP5]