Stacey starts the show ranting talking about the beach, boundaries and sliding into her DMs.  Angela Skype’s in after a failed attempt and the two begin their ranting. The talk about  Fathers Day and Stacey’s deceased Dad and Cat, Angelas Ex who hurt her, as well as her Ex who is no longer alive. To liven things up a big they move on to Angela’s nieces 8th Grade Graduation and what Stacey was doing at her 8th Grade Graduation in the 80’s.  They get heavy into sports talk and realize they know nothing about the world cup. Stacey active dating life and how Angela hates dating and  has no time for it cause it is wedding season. Dead rappers, The TV Show called The Proposal. Stacey makes fun of Angela’s love quotes she writes under her wedding photos and Angela makes fun of Stacey’s blank vision board. They discuss Chris Hardwick and Nev Schulman and the #metoo movement has gone nuts. Also don’t forget The kids in cages . Make sure you check out their live show at West side comedy club July 9 at 9 o’clock all star lineup will be announced.