Stacey, Blake and Angela Get together after day drinking heavily with Bill Schulz and Geno Bisconte after Stacey’s appearance on Bills Schulz’s Morning Show at Compound Media. They discuss the terrorist attack today, Keaton Jones heartbreaking video which reminded Angela of her days being bullied in grade school Dividing Creek, NJ . Stacey told the gang about how she taught the boys to put moves on the girls back in the day. Blake talked about the disturbing video where a police officer shot an unarmed man crawling down a hotel hallway. Also discussed Santa-con, Mario Bartali, and Stacey falling down in front of the tree at Rockefeller Center. As always they talk about how they love their listeners, sponsor berryBestBrand.Com and their amazing network  follow the gang on Twitter  @angelaril2 @heartblakekid15 @staceyprussman