I hate to admit it, but up to recently, I would wake up every morning looking like the Wicked Witch of the West. I felt like her too as I was dried up, angry and pretty much feeling like a house just dropped on me. I needed to do something since I was beginning to scare my little dog, too. Yet like most gals out there, I don’t have lots of time, or money even, to spend on frequent beauty treatment to keep me looking fresh and pretty because my days are jammed packed. I figured the only time when I am not running around is when I am sleeping at night. So I decided to make the most of that time and really take beauty sleep to the next level. Below are my 5 tricks for looking less like The Wicked Witch and more like Glinda.
<li>Water. I drink as much as I can so I can wake up looking and feeling hydrated. I also invested in a humidifier which is my personal magic wand. A humidifier instills the air with moisture so your skin gets plumped up with hydration while you sleep.</li>
<li>Coconut Oil. Extra virgin coconut oil has been an obsession of mine for quite some time. At night is the best time to take advantage of all its moisturizing goodness by slathering your body from head to toe with it. I apply it to my hair and wrap it up in a bun for a treatment. I also apply coconut oil to my nail beds and my lips. If you have extra you can also dab some around your eyes as well. You will wake up feeling silky all over.</li>
<li>A silk pillowcase. A cotton pillowcase can cause creases and wrinkles on your face if you sleep anywhere but on your back. (Hint, hint: try to sleep on your back!) A silk or satin pillowcase, however, will reduce the pressure and even help prevent hair breakage. While you’re at it, try adding an extra pillow under your head to prop yourself up a little so keep puffy eyes to a minimum.</li>
<li>Self tanner. Apply self tanner before you go to bed to wake up glowing. Just remember to exfoliate first and dry completely before tucking yourself in.</li>
<li>A restful night of sleep. I wish I could tap my heels and fall asleep easily every night. When I need to relax so I can slip into a peaceful sleep, I sip on tart cherry juice. Not only is a glass full of antioxidants, tart cherry juice contains melatonin, a natural sleep regulator.</li>
It also doesn’t hurt to skip the sweats and t-shirts once in awhile. Throw on a sexy slip or skip clothing all together. When you feel sexy it shows through no matter what.


Sweet dreams and sexier mornings..