Mark Malicki has worked in a wide variety of dining establishments including his past restaurant that he owned called Café Saint Rose. Now he situated at the Casino Bar and Grill in the little town of Bodega. Casino Bar & Grill was opened in 1874 as a mercantile. Transformed into a pool hall and tavern in 1939, it remains with the same owners, one of which is Evelyn Casini who over 90 still tends the bar a couple days a week.

Mark seems to be settled at a most unlikely place to find his fabulously creative cooking. With just a 2 burner stove and a flat top, Mark has been cooking behind the bar for 11 years Friday – Sunday. I was great to catch up with Mark, to see how he is faring through the pandemic, hearing about his paying it forward by feeding unemployed hospitality workers and nurses that are hungry. At the time of the recording he was changing the menu each day based on what he feels like cooking and what makes sense with the minimal refrigeration and physical space he has to work with.

He also gives us an inside peek to the Bohemian Grove, the exclusive, men only, big wig campground and how he met George Bush. We hope you enjoy listening to our conversation – lots of fun – and we can’t wait to have the opportunity to drive out to Bodega and eat Mark’s cooking.