Talk Show Host, Journalist & Eater based in San Francisco.

“Grew up in Niagara Canada, attended several fine schools including Western in London (full disclosure, Ontario Canada). I worked for a theater, a symphony, in restaurants and even a B&B before moving into media, supplanting my original career path of an educator. I was only supposed to visit San Francisco on my way West but fell in love and never made it to New Zealand. I am an Emmy Nominated and IACP Award-winning (come on- pretty proud- worth repeating) TV and Radio host. A traveler, wine judge, culinary competition judge; happy, chatty dude with a killer Rolodex. Lover of food, and of politics, so much that I have talked about it live for two hours a day six days a week for years… and got paid to do it.” We talk about this and so much more!!!! [EP80]

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