Erin Gore Just when we think we are going to talk about gardens or tea parties, we meet Erin Gore who has created The Garden Society. Garden Society is a female founded, (Wrin Gore and Karli Warner) Sonoma County-based cannabis company with a mission of helping educate women on the power of the cannabis plants and its multiple beneficial properties whether it be for stress, relaxation, sleep or joy. From their website – “We’re not your average cannabis company. Never wanted to be. We’re here to break the stigma and completely redefine cannabis for women. We understand how to bring cannabis into women’s daily life in ways you will relate to. And get excited about. We’re all about making cannabis a simple, vital part of people’s daily lives.” It was fascinating to talk to Erin, and talk about her journey from chemical engineer, farmer, cannabis company owner. We learned so much from this conversation and the edible chocolates are DELICIOUS!!! [EP78]

On Instagram: @grdnsociety