It was great to have a repeat visit from our friends at Miracle Plum. We got a chance to catch up and see how they are holding up under the COVID-19 times. Not a surprise but they are pushing through, getting creative and working hard to get their customers what they need. [EP76]

Miracle Plum is a finely curated store, with pantry goods, wines, cheeses, bread and produce. At this pivot, they are juggling between vendors regarding what is available, guests, are people buying differently at this time (they all want beans) and they are holding on just trying to stay in business while we are all in the unknown. My gut tells me that they will get through this will a more caring and loyal audience of consumers. They are out of the box thinkers and if there is something that they can do through Miracle Plum to engage their guests and keep it going – they will find it!

Miracle Plum – – 208 Davis Street, Santa Rosa CA – 707-708-7986
@miracle.plum on Instagram