Iona Campbell and Kalie Marder are the co-founders of Renegade Food. From their website, ‘Iona is a life-long vegetarian and now vegan. As an animal lover and foodie, she is passionate about creating plant-based recipes inspired by their traditional counterparts. She has a background in the food industry and has worked alongside classical chefs around the globe. Kalie is a longtime vegetarian and lifelong animal lover. She has a strong project management background, having managed numerous large and complex projects around the world. She has a passion for plant-based food and is working to make a difference in our food chain through sustainable, nutritious and delicious plant-based options.’ [EP75]

These ladies are disrupting the food industry with their smoked meats made entirely from plants. In this show, we find out how and why they created this company, what the market is for this and how they are looking to grow their company. Curiosity leads to questions about why charcuterie, how do you develop the flavors and more.

Soon to be available online, visit their website at