Merrilee Olson is the Founder of Preserve Farm Kitchens. Merrilee created this company because she was shocked that unsold product from the farmers market was being uneaten and she was determined to find a way to help farmers create another revenue stream and not waste their produce that they spent so much time and care procuring. Merrilee’s commitment to the farmers is to be commended and she is determined to create recipes that make their produce shine. [EP74]

Trying to make this a viable business is another story. She has been persistent in exploring all of the ways to move Preserve Farm Kitchens forward. Her food manufacturing company not only creates recipes and products for farmers, but also works with specialty food companies to develop and co-pack their branded product, offers in house products for Private Label and has a collection of products under the Preserve Farm Kitchens labels.

You can find more information at and even order products on line.
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