Jackson’s Bar and Oven has one of the most popular restaurants in Santa Rosa. After the birth of his son Jackson, chef and owner Josh Silvers began looking for a family-friendly yet hip place in downtown Santa Rosa where he could get some of his favorite comfort foods. And when he didn’t find it, he decided to create it. Josh and his wife Regina opened Jackson’s Bar and Oven in 2009.

In 1999 they created their first restaurants called Syrah Bistro, morphed into Petite Syrah and then to Three Squares Cafe, they have moved the focus completely on Jackson’s Bar and Oven as a place that wasn’t just a special event restaurant, a place that folks could come for lunch and dinner or drinks every day. They expanded a few years ago as they could not accommodate all of the guests that wanted to come.

Josh and Regina have proven that with boundaries, a husband and wife team can be successful in both business and love. It makes sense that this first airs on Valentines Day.

You can find seasonal, local products and creative cocktails at Jackson’s at 135 Fourth Street in Santa Rosa. They are open everyday from 11:30 and also offer catering.

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