Amy Covin is the North End of Bawstin (Boston as we would say). How did this CPA end up making Boston Slush in Wine Country. When passion calls, you figure it out.

That is what Amy Covin did in 2016. In late 2016, she took a trip back to Boston, she introduced her kids to their first taste of Slush and confirmed her desire to introduce Wine Country to SLUSH. With no prior restaurant experience, health department or county experience, she foraged ahead and actually figured it out and opened in May 2016. Her first slush shop was opened in Healdsburg in an old Kayak and Canoe rental property across from Russian River. From there, she opened a second shop, has two more franchise possibilities on the way. If it is up to her SLUSH will be all over the West Coast.

This conversation follows her path working with the powers that be to get the place open. She loves mentoring the kids that work for her and is a strong advocate for her community. Amy could be a stand up comic, she is funny, insightful and can get you salivating within minutes with her description of slush, soft serve and splits.

If you are in the Sonoma County area, you can find this SLUSH in Healdsburg at 13840 Healdsburg Ave or in Petaluma at 122 American Alley, Suite B. You can find daily menu updates on their facebook page and be dazzled on instagram @wickedslush [EP66]

Visit the website at