We learned about Deb Rock and Sonoma Hot Sauce on a previous episode with Eileen Gordon of Barnraiser and wanted to learn more about the journey of a woman who likes it hot – really hot. Deb Rock grew up with hot sauce and it was an important part of seasoning the meal as well as the conversation. After 20 years of giving her special recipe to friends and family she was determined to create a business around her passion and share her version of Tabasco 2.0 with the rest of us. Deb explains why Sonoma Hot Sauce is as good as it is and with just a few distinguishing methods that separate her sauce from the commercial versions; the peppers spend a minimum of 100 days on the vines, it takes at least a year from seed to bottle, and there are easily one pound of peppers per 5 fluid ounce jar. With her 4 ingredient sauce, her enthusiasm about being an agripreneur and her seed saving process, her field blend Sonoma Hot Sauce is a winner. [EP65]

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You can purchase hot sauce on her website at www.sonomahotsauce.com