Emily Reber and Jeff Alona share their passion for everything coffee. They spend their free time driving miles to find new coffee shops anywhere they can find them and revisit some of their favorites. They have learned about coffee shop culture by asking a lot of questions, listening, watching videos, classes and drinking coffee. Their coffee of choice and what they use for Flora Coffee is Dune Coffee Roasters out of Santa Barbara. They loved it so much, they want to share this with Sonoma Valley and visitors to the area. If you are in Sonoma Valley you can taste their pour over coffee at the roadside Flatbed Farm produce stand on Saturdays from 10 – 12 in Glen Ellen. Not only will you have a good cuppa but you will enjoy these two and their enthusiasm for their craft. Emily and Jeff are grass root business owners figuring it out as they go. Such a fun listen to hear these two share their vision. [EP64]

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