What a pleasure to have limited expectations for a place and be totally blown away. That’s what happened when I walked in to meet Gwen and Sally -the owners, founders, master curators and adventurers’ store called Miracle Plum. This is an episode of hurdles and triomphs, perseverance and joy and about a friendship that came about from a shared passion of food, cooking and wine. They have finely curated a store that not only has a long history in Santa Rosa, but has an eclectic inventory that will fuel any food enthusiast, blow away any natural wine lover (largest collection of natural wines) and a they have sharp eye for artistic pottery and wares. Needless to say, we begged them to let us shop after the show and I could have purchased so much more but I did not want to impose on their time – so I will be back! Lots of great segments in this episode as we hear from both of them as they share their journey, their plans and the future. We hope you enjoy the show and if you are in the area – visit!

Miracle Plum – www.miracleplum.com – 208 Davis Street, Santa Rosa CA – 707-708-7986 Open Tues through Sunday at 10 am @miracle.plum on instagram