At the tail end of his heavy event schedule this year, we were so fortunate to meet and converse with Jim Denevan, founder of Outstanding in the Field (OITF). He rolled up to the studio in his shiny red, white & silver 1953 Flexible bus to talk about his 20 years of OITF, his art and life on the road. We dive into the crazy logistics, the spot that the table is placed on unique settings, the vision of the farmers and incredible guest chefs that all make up OITF. In numbers, OITF has fed their guests in 18 countries and all 50 states. In 2019, the 20 year anniversary of OITF, they fed over 20,000 guests on the 112 event roster. Sondra and the girl & the fig team will be/was honored to be the guest chefs for a 460 guest OITF event on Stinson Beach ( November 9, 2019). It was an incredible opportunity to talk with Jim prior to their event to get some perspective about the inner workings of an event of this scale on the sand.


For more information about Outstanding in the Field, visit and on Instagram @out_inthefield for some beautiful eye candy and on Twitter @Out_intheField To see some of Jim’s large scale art, visit his personal Instagram account @jimdenevan