EP47: Prior Bite guest, Patti Britton (Episode 31) suggested that we should hear Farmer Christian Cartano’s story on our podcast. We are so glad that we did, as Christian arrived with an enormous lug of beautiful heirloom tomatoes for us.

As a longtime vegetarian, Chris’ journey from Ohio to Northern California convinced him that his participation of growing and sharing food and being involved in the’real’ farm to table movement was going to be life changing. Christian got his start farming by growing thousands of tomato plants for Gotts restaurant (“an amazing process to learn”). He has been a committed farmer with a long interest in gardening and ecology, concerned with the future of organic farming and soil health. At present he is the farmer at Little Paradise Farm in Sonoma, a small private 30 acre organic farm that was created to sell local restaurants organic produce and some small batch hand-crafted tomato products including a delicious bloody mary mix. Brian and I truly appreciated Christian’s passion for farming and his vast knowledge of his craft.

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