EP41: With guest host, Kathleen Hill, we had a great conversation with Marcus Benedetti, the CEO of Clover Sonoma. Clover Sonoma has a generational history that goes back to 1916. Marcus shares his rites of passage, working through the different roles in the family business, how the dairy industry has changed over the century and the importance of an 8 ounce glass of milk. We will learn about how they work with the 32 family farms in Sonoma and how “organic” fits in their program. We talk fondly of the beloved ‘oreo’ cows that dot the hills of Sonoma, the Happy Cow campaign and the need for new slogans in their current billboard contest. With the present day pressures of plant based foods, and nut beverages, he is determined to maintain and continue to grow their share of the dairy market. We even got a sneak peek of their brand new butter spreads – (my favorite was Cinnamon & Sugar – flavors that took me right back to my childhood).

More info on Clover Sonoma’s future intentions