EP40: Sonoma does love its bakers and Mike the Bejkr is no exception. As I waited in line at the farmer’s market the other day for over 20 minutes, I watched the people in line excitedly wait for their turn to order, to purchase their loaves for the week knowing that Mike is a one man show, touches each and every loaf . in a quite detailed conversation, Brian and I find out what it takes to make and sell over 320 loaves in 3 hours. We talk about how Sonoma got so lucky to have one of the winning silver medalists from the Coupe de Monde de la Boulangerie in France that decided to set up shop in our town. I can tell you from experience, these breads are divine and whether you have a wood fired pretzel that he makes right there and comes out of the oven, a classic baguette or one of his ancient grain loaves with hand milled grains from California. We also get to hear about Mike’s plan for a non mobile storefront that is hopefully coming soon. For me, it won’t be soon enough.

Website: thebejkr.com
Instagram @thebejkr1
Buy Bread on Fridays at Sonoma’s Depot Park from 9 – 12