EP39: Driven by my curiosity in wanting to know exactly what a Food Stylist does, I did a google search for someone close to Sonoma to have as a guest on the show. That is how we met Alicia Deal. After checking out her website, I really wanted to know what she did as the photographs of her work is stunning and I was drooling on my screen. After coordinating a visit in the midst of her very busy schedule, we got a date on the calendar and we talked and talked!! I hope you enjoy this show as Alicia is so generous with her time and her information she shared with us. To be honest, a food stylist is a much harder occupation than I could have imagined. Not only do you have to play with your food, but you have to make it first. Alicia describes her nomadic childhood and her love for traveling, we talk about her times as a female chef in the #metoo days and how she ended up in her very successful careers. Her client list is impressive and those are only the ones we know about. Hope you enjoy this show – it is a fun one!