Welcome to episode #32, possibly our longest conversation yet. We welcomed back Alison Kilmer from Uppercase Tea (EP29) and on her suggestion she brought Miyoko Schinner from Miyoko’s.

Alison showed up with an incredible platter of Miyoko’s Vegan cheeses with condiments and crackers. It was quite a spread and no pun intended quite spreadable too. On this show, we discuss everything Vegan, from how Miyoko got started making artisan vegan cheese, her animal sanctuary, Rancho Compasion, her philosophy and agenda. Alison touches on her Vegan diet, the Miyoko’s packaging design, and her mission to inspire restaurants to become more Vegan forward.

More information on Miyoko’s Plant Based Cheeses: https://miyokos.com/

To find out what is happening at Wine Country Vegan: https://www.facebook.com/winecountryvegan/