EP17: NextGenChef is the brainchild of Justine Reichman, food afficianado, food activist, and food entrepreneur incubator. Committed to supporting food businesses who source ingredients from local and organic agriculture, the company is actively crafting a platform to encourage mainstream & widespread food businesses to work towards this regenerative philosophy that will dramatically benefit human and environmental health by reducing carbon footprint, increasing nutritional quality of food offerings, and decreasing the amounts of chemicals and pesticides in our soil and our food (and that’s just a few benefits) all while deliciously feeding local communities.

NextGenChef is getting ready to host their annual Food Summit 2019 in late spring. Mentors, advisors and the company’s own food business owners will be knowledgeably bantering on panels, demonstrating their culinary creations, sitting in on coaching sessions and mingling with the farm, the table and everyone in-between.
For more information about NextGenChef visit www.nextgenchef.com
For sponsorship or mentor interest contact justine@nextgenchef.com
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