This was truly an honor to be able to talk to the founders of Amy’s Kitchen , a company born (1987) in our backyards and possibly the largest employer in Sonoma County. Both Brian and I are huge fans of the pioneers in the organic and vegetarian frozen foods market, and we stayed on our best behavior.

Waving my Amy’s vegetable lasagna box, as a symbol of my loyalty, we talked about everything from how they met, how they started, how they have grown to a $500 million company and what their daughter Amy thinks about the company being named after her. It was extremely interesting (but not surprising) to learn about their commitment to their company’s culture and how they have had many offers to sell but are determined to keep the company private.

Believing in business rituals, it was fun to hear how they have kept some of their practices exactly the same as they did when they started including continuing to taste every new item developed on the very same table that they started with. We jam packed this show with so much information and could have gone on for hours. Their story is truly fascinating.

You can find them just about everywhere in the freezer section of your grocery store. Their newest part of the business, their drive thru can be found in Rohnert Park, Corte Madera and the SF Airport.