Emily Martin Events With a true love of food and wine and a commitment to pursuing mastery, Emily has a distinctive voice and palate that sets her apart. Since 2009, she has curated the Lifestyle blog, The JetSetting Fashionista, where she writes about restaurants and wineries in the Bay Area and around the world, and interviews some of the industry’s most talented chefs and winemakers. Fueled by curiosity and a passion for learning, Emily’s hunger to explore the ever-expanding food, wine, and hospitality industry never wanes and shares these passions through her social streams and her blog. In 2014 Emily decided to pursue her passion for food, wine, events and hospitality—pivoting from the corporate world to start Emily Martin Communications & Events. Sondra and Brian met Emily years ago at a wine event and Sondra recently did an Insta live with Emily. It was fun to catch up and hear what Emily has been doing prior and during Covid as well as her philosophy about marketing and how she works with her clients. We briefly talk about how social media is shifting and the importance of marketing her clients during Covid.


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BLOG: https://www.jsfashionista.com/ Emily Martin Events: https://www.emily-e-martin.com/