Episode 10:  Ron Tanner:  Specialty Food Association Vice President Philanthropy, Government and Industry Relations

Did you ever wonder how food products get to the shelves in your market or how new food trends happen? We get to discuss these topics on site at the Winter Fancy Food Show with Ron Tanner, who has been on staff for the Specialty Food Association for over 40 years.

The Winter Fancy Food Show had over 1400 companies with over 80,000 different products on display. Sondra tried only about 30 of them in her two days walking the show and Brian tasted 3. The SFA is known for being the hub around the innovation of food and over the years Ron has worked hard bringing an education, philanthropic, and networking component to the association. Listen in to hear what the latest trends are for 2019, the number 1 growth category  and about the 7 incubators that are working to make production accessible to everyone.

Summer Fancy Food Show is in New York (june 23 – 25)