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The Mr Nailsin Show – Zebra Mussels And Snakeheads!

EP172: Despite massive technical difficulties Doug visits with Pat Dixon of New York City Crime Report. They talk about Trump, the Left, New York City crime, murder, #MeToo, Transgenders in prison and zebra mussels.

Ready, Set, Vent! – 05/04/16

"Insanity Hamburger" - By interviewing Dave 'The Masshole', Andy discovers just how deep stupid can go.

Lossano and Friends! – 04/22/16

Ep69 - ABC Chicago's Ron Magers chats about his 50+ year career, alcoholism, Trump, retirement, plus memories from Larry Potash, Ryan Chiaverini, Roe Conn, Garry Meier, Cheryl Scott and so much more! Jennifer O'Neill from Rivet Radio is also also a guest.

Lossano and Friends! – 03/13/16

Ep60 - Randy Stancik of the Willis Tower talks about how Tony Lossano keeps turning up everywhere, including one night in his bedroom! Bill Jacobs of Piece Pizza tells how once a worker went missing for a few hours, due to a very generous tipper! And comedian Vickie Eisenstein recognizes The Ledge at the Willis Tower as the place where everyone takes their Tinder profile pic! That and so much MORE!

The Bob Levy Show – 10/07/15

Ep132 "The Junk Food Pranksters" - Trump hates Oreo Cookies,The Non Storm,The Pope and the Twat, Kensil hurt his head, Nailsin Ratings, "You Know what I'm Saying" with Doug Almeida.