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Lossano and Friends – 05/15/16

Ep72: Guests Robyn Lynne Norris from #DateMe, comedian and WGN morning radio host Patti Vasquez and Tony's co-host from Nude Hippo, Amy Zanglin, all join us for a fun filled episode! Amy relives her proposal last year on LAF, Robyn retells her moment with John Locke and Patti reminisces of her days in grade school. That and so much more!!!

Lossano and Friends! – 03/06/16

Eps58 - Windy City Live's Ryan Chiaverini, T.J Shanoff from the Second City and Comedian Ben Capraro share their stories of working with legendary icons Mr. T and Bill Murray, and how one guest ended up covered in whale feces! PLUS the guests join in on the fun of Name that Movie! THAT AND MORE!

Lossano and Friends! – 02/10/16

EpLI - Tony and Evie debate whether it's ok to "go dutch" on a first date, Jen questions the perception of the female sports fan, we play an exciting new game of Name That Movie and we all share some secrets. PLUS MORE!!!

Lossano and Friends! – 01/31/16

Ep48 - NBC Chicago's Stefan Holt, WGN-TV's Elliott Bambrough, and improv comedian Ben Capraro share their disdain of airports and authority, love of food, sports failures and which guy wore dresses in high school...PLUS MORE!!!

Eddie V’s Road Show – 08/20/15

Ep24 - Eddie V's Road Show from Castaway's at North Avenue Beach in Chicago. This week's guest, Windy City Live co-host, Ryan Chiaverini! Plus much more!

Eddie V’s Road Show – 06/04/15

Eddie V's Road Show opens at Harry Caray's Tavern at Navy Pier. Eddie gets a call from heaven from Harry Caray, then he is joined by Chicago Tribune's sports contributor Ed Sherman and they discuss the Hawks, Cubs and golf. Senseless Survey calls are made to boat stores. ABC 7's Tracy Butler checks in with the weather patterns and much more!

Eddie V’s Road Show – 03/26/15

Eddie is joined at Harry Caray's by Chet Coppock and Dean Richards. Funny imitations, flashbacks of Chicago broadcasters, the biggest celebrity/athlete jerks, Chet talks sports, Dean talks about "Furious 7", and lots more!