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The Mr Nailsin Show – Ghost Stories!

EP193: Doug, Red and Lefty review Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell’s report on Dr. Christine Ford’s testimony on Judge Kavanaugh. Then it’s October and so that means it’s Halloween month! Doug replays his horror audio play Scream Of The Devil! A radio station holds a seance on Halloween night and things […]

The Bob Levy Show – 10/20/15

Ep137 "Kensil's Sex Life" - Italian Hack Comics,Bob and the Troops, Kensil and the Comedy Groupies, Chaz Bono, Doug Almeida

The Bob Levy Show – 10/18/15

Ep136 "Zombie AIDS Island" - Conte's Wedding,Honeymoon in Jamaica,Kensils Corner,Lamar Odom and The Kardasians, O.J Case, Doug Almeida

The Bob Levy Show – 10/11/15

Ep133 "Stern vs The PLO" - Kensil does an old folks home, 8 foot tampon strings, A comedy booker stabbed, Toenail Jones and Magillicuddy Burns, Stern talks about The PLO, Conte gets in trouble on Facebook.

The Mr. Nailsin Show 10/10/15

Ep4 'Going Commando' - The mystery of Kensil, The News, Night Knight, Sahari's backdoor and a creepy romance. Closing song "You Are Here" By Doug and Wikiloops.

The Bob Levy Show – 10/07/15

Ep132 "The Junk Food Pranksters" - Trump hates Oreo Cookies,The Non Storm,The Pope and the Twat, Kensil hurt his head, Nailsin Ratings, "You Know what I'm Saying" with Doug Almeida.

The Bob Levy Show – 10/05/15

Ep 131 - "The Gassy Giant" - Kensil's Face, Kensil's Horror Movie Debut, Conte's weight loss, Comedian Robert Kelly, Musician Foggy Otis.