Cubs Archives - Radio Misfits

Dan McNeil: Unsupervised – 10/09/17

We talk Cubs with Matt Spiegel from The Score, Blackhawks with Mark Lazerus from the Sun Times and cover the Bears/Vikings Monday night match-up with Vikings analyst Pete Bercich from KFAN.

Lossano and Friends – 05/15/16

Ep72: Guests Robyn Lynne Norris from #DateMe, comedian and WGN morning radio host Patti Vasquez and Tony's co-host from Nude Hippo, Amy Zanglin, all join us for a fun filled episode! Amy relives her proposal last year on LAF, Robyn retells her moment with John Locke and Patti reminisces of her days in grade school. That and so much more!!!

Lossano and Friends! – 02/07/16

Ep50 - Chicago TV & Radio personalities Bob Sirott and Marianne Murciano, and radio super-producer Scott Straus talk about being cubs fans, making healthy meals at home and what's the deal with hashtags… And much much MORE!!!

The Untitled Hour – 12/08/15

Ep22 - "The Who" - Hot Doug once again without the Hitmaker, but with special guest Bill Jacobs (owner of Piece Pizza), discusses Stephen Foster's toes, Chicago street names, eschewing ice, and so much more.

Lossano and Friends! – 11/14/15

Ep40 - Tony Lossano with guest, Rob Hart (WGN Radio) chat about Chicago radio legends, railroads, and glorious man buns! Lossano and Friends!

The Untitled Hour – 11/03/15

Ep18 - "Straight Outta Compton" - Hot Doug and the Hitmaker, with very special guest Tony Fitzpatrick, discuss gay small towns, pledging fealty, Yo-Weenis, pissing off artists, and so much more.

Ready, Set, Vent! – 10/28/15

"Back to NO Future" - Andy slaps on the happy clown makeup and pretends to be over Cubs demise.

The Untitled Hour – 10/27/15

Ep17 - "Chicago Enforcers" - Hot Doug and the Hitmaker, discuss less aggressive Skittles, Bar-to-lo, the psychology of Ikea, and so much more.

The Untitled Hour – 10/20/15

Ep16 - "Rocky" - Hot Doug and the Hitmaker, with no very special guest, discuss surgery in the 18th century, Federal Tool, voce, and so much more.

The Untitled Hour – 10/13/15

Ep15 - "Death Cab for Cutie" - Hot Doug and the Hitmaker discuss eating grilled cheese in the Mediterranean, Dougville, Ivy League football, and so much more.