I’m speechless.
My musical heart is broken.

There has always been a little piece of my soul that was sexy, purple and full of funk. That piece of my soul belonged to Prince.

He was a songwriting genius and one of the most talented musicians that ever existed. I put him on my list right next to Mozart.

Prince taught me about passion, fashion, sex, dance, strength and bravery…all of this through his music, videos and film.

Coming of age during a time when every song that made me feel such strong emotion was a song written by Prince was an absolute gift.

Prince had an amazing impact on my love of music and that love has trickled down to the next generation through my children, and I hope they pass that love on down their children.

Music is love.
Prince shared that love with all of us.

Here is the purple edition of Sam’s Seven Songs.
Prince wrote all seven of these songs- truth.
These songs are part of my musical soul.

Prince Rogers Nelson
June 7, 1958-April 21, 2016

When You Were Mine- Cyndi Lauper

Nothing Compares 2 You -Sinead O’Connor

Jungle Love- Morris Day and The Time

Nasty Girl-Vanity 6

Glamorous Life-Sheila E

Manic Monday-The Bangles

Sugar Walls-Sheena Easton