Riot Fest Countdown Part 2

The official daily lineup is out and I’m planning my 3 day schedule for maximum aural pleasure. There are going to be a few sticky situations where I’m going to have to roll the dice and make a choice between two really awesome bands. Grrr.

As I get my schedule together- I’ll post it in a blog to share with you!

Here are my 7 songs (okay…really 8) to share with you this week!


1) Manchester Orchestra- I’ve Got Friends

“I’ve got friends in all the right places
I know what they want”
•Playing Sunday 9/13 @ 5:15 on Riot Stage

2) Thurston Moore- Forevermore

“That’s why I want you forevermore”
• Playing Saturday 9/12 @3:45 on Riot Stage

3) Alvvays- Ones Who Love You

“You can’t fucking feel your face”
• Playing Sunday 9/13 @ 1:40 on Rise Stage
4) Twin River- He’s Not Real And He Ain’t Coming Back

This is the theme song to my love life.
• Playing Sunday 9/13 @ 3:30 on Radical Stage

5) Andrew WK- Ready to Die

Ummm- who doesn’t love Andrew WK?
• Playing Sunday 9/13 @ 5:05 on Rebel Stage

6) 88 Fingers Louie- Out There

Chicago punk band represent!
•Playing Friday 9/11 @3:30 on Riot Stage

7) The Coathangers- Springfield Cannonball

8) The Coathangers- Shut The Fuck Up

Had to do a two-fer because these ladies fucking rock!
•Playing Friday 9/11 @12:45 on Riot Stage