photo 1Cue the first day of Spring and all sorts of things start “popping” up- if you know what I mean.

The change in the weather has every animal-man and beast, standing at full attention and looking to find a hook-up to satiate those sexual desires.

Now, ordinarily I’d be flattered by the man catcalling me in the street in front of the cathedral or the man blatantly staring at my tits in line at the grocery store, but lately it’s just not doing it for me.

I must say that I’m confusing myself by not taking advantage of the multiple offers of emotionless but hot and steamy sex I’ve had this past week- 3 offers in 1 day!

Am I crazy? Am I ill? Oh. My. God. I’m wanting more.

Who knew I’d reach this point in my “Trampage” where I’d actually cease to be satisfied with multiple orgasms without “strings attached”?

The “want to come by and fuck later” offers I’ve had this past week just didn’t have me motivated.

Instead of sex- Poetry.

The Wants of a Single, Horny, Middle-aged Woman poem

Holy NameI want to kiss and be kissed.

I want those kisses to be deep and wet, soft and whispering, tongues darting and dancing.

I want to be entwined in my lover’s arms, oblivious to everything else but the sound of his heartbeat.

I want to feel his rough, hair covered skin caress my soft, warm skin. Our bodies melting into one.

I want to feel his hot humid breath move down my body until it reaches my place of pleasure.

I want to softly sigh and moan and as the passion builds I want to scream and cry and pull on my lover’s hair as I reach the height of pleasure.

I want to be soft and pliant- almost lifeless as my lover brings me back to that place where he can begin again.

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Happy Spring! Hope something special “pops” up for you!