“I found there was this very rich tradition of Italian American anti-fascism, not just Italian anti-fascism, across the pond, but anti-fascism here. ” – Christine Grimaldi

Today I interviewed Christine Grimaldi who reports on reproductive policy and politics for outlets like VICE, Vogue, SELF Magazine, GEN Magazine, among other outlets.

In this episode we speak about how:

  • The history of Italian-American anti-fascism in the United States
  • How the Knights of Columbus is not just a hall where you had your sweet 16, but a rabidly anti-choice organization
  • How she predicted Amy Coney Barrett would be the Supreme Court Nominee

Then Carmella comes in to talk about an update on abortion rights since we first recorded the podcast

To catch up with our guest:


Twitter: @chgrimaldi

– “The Paesano of Shame: Trump’s Italian American Consiglieres” by Christine Grimaldi

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FYI, the Ohio-based Abortion Knights of Columbus fundraising team is not currently active, you can donate to Ohio’s statewide abortion fund, Women Have Options.

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