“It just comes down to a few things and that is: have a good attitude and get into it because you’re interested not for the money, and keep moving forward. Just keep moving and good things tend to happen. ” – Mike Sacks

Today I interviewed Mike Sacks

Mike Sacks works for Vanity Fair and contributes humor to The New Yorker, Time, Esquire, GQ, Believer, Vice, Salon, McSweeney’s, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and other publications.

He is the author of eight books and three audio projects.

In this episode we speak about:

  • His decision to self publish and stick to his creative vision.
  • The precariousness of success
  • How he came up with his two books Stinker Let’s Loose! and Randy: The Full and Complete Unedited Biography and Memoir of the Amazing Life and Times of Randy S.!

To catch up with our guest: