“Good producing is about finding ways to help people tell the stories in ways they didn’t know they could. Giving them the resources and the permission to make their voices heard.” – Michael Melamedoff

Today I interviewed Michael Melamedoff from Cowboy Bear Ninja.

Michael Melamedoff is a partner in New York based production company Cowboy Bear Ninja, where he heads up their film and television division. His work as a producer includes the Emmy winning series Black Women OWN The Conversation, Paid Off with Michael Torpey and Shade: Queens of NYC. He is also a director and producer of narrative and documentary films and television, including the critically acclaimed and culture disrupting doc The Problem with Apu starring Hari Kondabolu. Other feature documentary credits include Victori, which the Boston Globe hailed by writing: “Exploring the fine line between kitsch and genius, Melamedoff’s dead-pan doc out mocks some of the best of Christopher Guest.” Mr. Melamedoff is also the producer and co-star of Flames (Tribeca `17, Hot Docs `17), a searingly erotic meta-documentary that Film Threat called “…a brilliant time capsule of the Obama era.”

In this episode we speak about:

  • What is feels like to win an Emmy
  • Creating in new directions in COVID
  • What to do when a project doesn’t work out
  • How to gather the right team
  • Pitching dos and don’t
  • Bringing NYC back with the arts.

Then my character Ivanka Trump asks about the Hollywood conspiracy against her.

To catch up with our guest: