“Call-out culture impoverishes our pools of meaning because we don’t get to share what everybody is thinking. Because some people are intimidated by the brutality with which an unfolding thought is received.” – Loretta Ross

Today I interviewed Loretta Ross.

In this episode we speak about:
How her years of activism have given her a perspective on call-out culture
Call-out is a civil rights strategy for people in power that are inaccessible. If you have access to people you have a lot of choices before calling people out.
Calling out is splintering our potential for change because it is horizontally targeted. And it is moving people who don’t completely agree with us to the right.
How opting not to call people out doesn’t mean letting people off the hook; every call out opportunity is also a call in opportunity.
We will never 100% agree on all issues. 90% can often be good enough. We should focus on calling in the 75%.
We should adjust our strategies according to the percentages above and our relationship with that person.
How we can woo people back to the progressive movement who have been burnt by call outs.
The viral nature of social media allows call outs to explode.
Who gets canceled is a matter of power and privilege.
Then my character Judy asks about ageism and connecting with younger activists.

To catch up with our guest:
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