“Restorative justice is about healing. And healing in communities.” — Gina Hill

Today I interviewed Gina Hill.

Gina M. Hill is currently the Lead Administrator at the Oakland Emiliano Zapata Street Academy High School and a trainer with RJTI – Restorative Justice Training Institute founded by Rita Renjitham Alfred. Gina M. Hill has been an educator in Oakland, California public schools for over twenty years as a Teacher/CTM, after school Program Coordinator and Administrator. As Principal at Street Academy, she led the school wide implementation of restorative justice and dynamic mindfulness to create an intentional school culture aiming to resist institutionally racist norms that ultimately funnel our most vulnerable youth into the school-to-prison pipeline. In her spare time she enjoys samba dancing and yoga.

To catch up with our guest:

In this episode we speak about:
How restorative justice is an alternative model to working with students in schools on behavior
The pattern of suspension rates following incarceration rates, and how restorative justice addresses that problem
Then Carmella comes in and wonders if restorative justice methods can stop her family from fighting over the dinner table.