“Everybody has a uniqueness to them and I try to celebrate that.” — Richard W. Gretzinger

Today I interviewed Richard W. Gretzinger

Here’s more about him and his project The Vulnerability Project in his own words:
The subject of my latest work is vulnerability. This is not a mid-life crisis, although sometimes it feels that way. It is my attempt to use photography to examine how vulnerability leads to connection in a disconnected world.

So far I have been overwhelmed with the responses I have received and the amazing individuals I have met. I’ve photographed many people from all walks of life, and I will continue because I am finding that photography is just the means; what is most fulfilling are the intimate conversations about life, fears, regrets, love and joy. I see so much beauty in this world and in each person I photograph. So, as I continue my work I am revealing more about myself and the way art affects people.

​Part of me being vulnerable is to allow a place for others to comment and continue the conversation. At a recent gallery show I included a way for this to happen–a mirror, some pens and post-it notes. To my surprise, the reactions and the thoughts on vulnerability were many. Some of the notes brought me to tears.

To catch up with our guest:

In this episode we speak about:
How he went about creating a photography project that celebrates vulnerability
What he does to bring vulnerability in the online space so people can go offline and have more empathy for others
The lessons he’s learned about vulnerability have translated to his work as a cinematographer
How he captures vulnerable moments and what he thinks about when he selects photos.
Queens Marie asks a question about how to trust people when the world seems full of stupidmotherfuckingpieceofshitassholes. She wonders if being vulnerable will get her a boyfriend – and contemplates starting JuicyGuidoButNice.com