“You can fix a lot of things. That’s why erasers were made. But the one thing you can not fix is stupid.” — Charles LoGiudice, Jr.

Today I interviewed Charles LoGiudice, Jr. My Dad.

Charles LoGiudice, Jr. was born and raised in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, and later raised a family in Howard Beach, Queens. In case you’re wondering, he’s very, very Italian. He just retired from many years working in Hunts Point Terminal Market, in the Bronx. He is the inspiration for the web series DRIVING WITH DAD.

He is probably the wittiest person I know. Some people talk about cheesy dad jokes, and it’s a thing that I had to learn about because my dad was never cheesy, always incredibly funny. If he took to the stage he’d blow everyone away.

Our guest doesn’t do social media much, but you could find him on Facebook if you really want to.

In this episode we speak about:
What to do about all the morons not practicing social distancing.
That it’s unfortunate that so many people have to suffer because so many people are inconsiderate assholes.