“We’re now starting to see more people be able to use their voices in the [gaming] space. And the space as a whole is changing as people see that the stories of marginalized people are stories that everyone can relate to regardless if whether or not they have that specific marginalization.” — Josh Boykin

Today Principal Mary Poppins and I interview Josh Boykin.

Josh is the Founder of Intelligame.Us (pronounced “us,” not “u-s”), a site where people think about games and the ways they affect the real world. A lifelong writer, he’s worked in video game journalism since 2009 and written for multiple outlets including GotGame, 411Mania, FatWallet, and more. He’s spoken at multiple industry events including PAX South, Game Devs of Color Expo, PixelPop Expo, TwitchCon, and more, working as both a panelist and moderator. Leveraging skills from his background in project management and IT, he aims to create communities that not only love games, but also make a positive difference in the world.

To catch up with our guest:
Go to Intelligame.us
Twitter @Wallstormer

In this episode we speak about:
Do video games cause violence?
The power of games to tell stories of marginalized people.
That it’s important to ask questions about the media you consume.

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