Arden and Stefania get to know the people that make your Chicago the city you love



Minutia Men – Transylvanian Stand Up Comedy

Faked funerals for felons, Irish accents, dumb KC crooks, and Transylvanian comedy are among the minutiae discussed by Rick and Dave. [Ep229]

The Mr Nailsin Show – Rob Goes Hollywood!

Doug, Lefty and Mike Krewina talk with Rob Saul about his recent trip to Los Angeles. Nailsin News looks at the pipeline crisis. Finally Bubba Stargone, Booze and Flare Gorgon try to get home. […]

The Wine Makers – Jambe De Bois Wines

While studying chemistry at the University of Colorado at Denver, Danielle sensed that laboratory research was not fulfilling her passion. Throughout her young adult life, Danielle’s father, shared his love of wine, continually encouraged […]

Planted – Erika Tingey

Sara talks tech in cannabis with Erika Tingey, Head of Product at Backbone. [EP28]

Wine Women – Tawnya Falkner, Le Grand Courtage

Tawnya Falkner’s wine career went from zero to 200 m.p.h. in relative short order. Educated at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) and previously having co-founded two, still successfully operating firms, Strategic […]

Destination Eat Drink – Leon Logothetis of The Kindness Diaries

We’re talking with Leon Logothetis of the Kindness Diaries about his trips around the world on a motorcycle and in a VW bug. Leon tells us about hugging strangers, helping orphans in India, and […]

Stick To Everything – Is It Finally Over? Good Riddance!

After a historic, traumatic, bizarre, eye-opening era, Larry and Paul reflect on what they learned over the course of a 16-month pandemic year! (EP13)

Back 2 You – Your Opinion Counts

Find out if your opinions match those of most other people, plus Howard and Steve plan their outing to Applebee’s and who will pick up the check. Only on Back 2 You! (Ep82)

Free Kicks – What’s a Panenka?

Sergio Aguero’s ill-fated Panenka penalty kick. Adam and Rick with the Premier League and other fútbol news! [Ep115]

And Friends – The Conception of Friends!

The ‘And Friends’ origin story began on the ‘Lossano and Friends’ podcast.  These are their stories!  Tommy, Samuel, and Kimmy only on “And Friends!” (Ep89)

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