Arden and Stefania get to know the people that make your Chicago the city you love



Destination Eat Drink – Florence, Italy

Finding your family in Italy, how to pick the best gelato shop, and what to do with all that Panettone and Pandoro. We explore the food of the historic city of Florence, Italy [Ep: […]

The Bite Goes On – Emily Martin The Jetsetting Fashionista

Emily Martin Events With a true love of food and wine and a commitment to pursuing mastery, Emily has a distinctive voice and palate that sets her apart. Since 2009, she has curated the […]

The Wine Makers – Bee Hunter Wine, Ali Nemo & Andy DuVigneaud

This week we virtually visit Anderson Valley and chat with the owners of Bee Hunter Wine. This region is typically known for Pinot Noir and racy whites but there is a lot more going […]

Wine Women – Sylvie Tannhauser, CS CHT WSET III

Sylvie Tannhauser’s enthusiasm for champagne is infectious (a very good thing)! With a Champagne Master Designation from the French Wine Society (among many wine certifications), Sylvie introduced us to her first “adult” champagne she […]

Back 2 You – Don’t Explain!

Howard and Steve explore a variety of topics, from annoyances, social media, and yes, Dr. Phil. On the next Back 2 You! (Ep55)

Free Kicks – More than just an injury

Adam and Rick talk about an injury to one of the most important players in the Premier League, and how that affects the prospects for the rest of the league. [Ep88]

Reconcile The Aisle – Democracy Needs to be Taught! With Timothy Shaffer, PhD

“We think about [Democracy] happening someplace else … and how I think about it and encourage students to think about it: it’s there yes … but it’s also in you.” – Timothy Shaffer, PhD

Today […]

And Friends – Succubi, Misfits, Monstergirls, and You!

Kimmy’s sex questions about mythical creatures. Tommy introduces a female demon who has sexual intercourse with sleeping men. Samuel brings in a zoomer’s point of view about voting. All only on “And Friends!” (Ep53)

MM Celebrity Interview – The Bad Astronomer Dr. Phil Plait

Rick and Dave chat with famed astronomer/skeptic/debunker Dr. Phil Plait about conspiracy theories to disregard. [Ep42]

Stephs In The City – Boooo-bies

Coca-Cola is discontinuing Tab after nearly 60 years. Man faces charges after trying to resurrect his grandmother. Woman says she woke up to pastor peeing on her, plus new music from The Strays, listener […]

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